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What is The Running Of The Bullshitters?

At it's very core, it's a pub crawl. But it's a pub crawl unlike one you've ever seen before.

Imagine this. You step out of a bar in San Francisco's North Beach neighborhood one warm summer evening, only to be confronted by a crowd of exuberant revelers charging up the street. The crowd seem to be wearing matching white shirts, and red sashes and bandanas. And behind them are the bulls.

Of course they're not real bulls -- but they might as well be. The bulls you see, are the stars. Six hand-chosen human bulls, complete with real horns bolted onto hockey helmets.

And surly bulls they are. They'll poke you and prod you, on ever faster to the next watering hole.

This is The Running Of The Bullshitters.

While the SF and MN chapters failed to get off the ground this year, the South Africa chapter of the Running of the Bullshitters had their most successful showing yet! a few choice pictures can be viewed here.

2006 will mark the 10th anniversary of the first Bullshitter SF run and rumor has it there's something special in the works. Stay tuned!

See you next year -- Viva la Bullshitters!

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